Post-Op Rehabilitation Services
Whether the surgery is extensive or minor, Corona Health Care will create a rehabilitation program exclusively for the patient. Once the operation is complete, our staff will individualize the physical therapy needs, setting the patient up with the best care during the healing process.
Joint Replacement Therapy Services
Physical therapy for joint replacement is the key to a successful recovery. The majority of the exercises focus on the mobility of the joint and stabilizing the muscles surrounding it. Our physical therapists will educate the proper technique of the exercises.
Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Stimulation
These stimulation techniques use a low electrical current or ultrasound to the fracture to promote healing. This is performed as a modality to assist the healing process. Electric stimulation can be applied invasively (inside the body) or outside the body (noninvasively). Ultrasound is a noninvasive modality. The type of stimulation selected depends on the doctor’s recommendation for the patients quickest and most successful recovery.
24 Hour RN
Corona Health Care Center has a registered nurse on duty, every hour of the day. Rest easy with the comfort of knowing that assistance will always be available to our patients at any time.
Post Stroke Unit
Our Post Stroke Unit specializes in providing medical care to stabilizing the patient’s medical status. Stroke units may be effective in reducing in-hospital fatality rates and the reduce the length of hospital stays. After the patient is stabilized post stroke, our medical team (in-house doctors, speech and language pathologist, physical therapists, etc.) will work together to begin rehabilitation.

Wound Treatment Program
Our Wound Treatment Program is individualized for every patient. There are several different types of wounds, from chronic wounds, acute wounds and surgical wounds) each having their own characteristics. Therefore, these need to be treated on an individual basis. Our expert staff will identify and treat wounds specific to the patient’s needs.

Wound Certified Nurses
Since wound management can be a complex treatment area, Corona Health Care Center has Wound Certified Nurses. These nurses are educated in the proper assessment of wounds and develop a treatment plan to be carried out. Furthermore, certified wound care nurses educate patients, caretakers and other medical professionals on the management and prevention of wounds.

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